Monthly Archives: November 2015

Veritable, Temporal and Eternal

Veritable. I awoke this morning with this word rolling around in my head; however, I cannot recall the thought attached to it. Real. Genuine. Finding my voice in the veritable ugly days of a harsh season is like one of those dreams when you try to run but its like you’ve got lead feet. In […]

Letters to God, Day 21

Dear Abba,  In the evenings, Jesus rests His hands upon me from within, blessing me. He wipes away the impressions of all yesterdays and I awaken like new. The days pass by in the setting sun and in the tear of calendar pages. Thank You, Abba, for each new day. New. I am new in […]

Letters to God, Day 14

Dear Abba, Ugly. These past several days that I have not written—Abba, they are ugly days. Ugly days when I come to You in prayer, yelling and screaming and crying. Ugly days when I think and speak and act nothing like You and when all the fight of faith in me is to just holdfast […]

Letters to God, Day 6

Dear Abba, The week has yet to break into sunshine and blue sky for longer than a few hours, if that–but I do not mind. The diffused lighting of overcast days is pretty. My beloved friend is receiving Your relief, Your encouragement and peace, and is thinking positively about upcoming changes. We love You and […]

Letters to God, Day 5

Dear Abba, This past weekend is on my mind today. There are certain realizations that came about in my telephone conversation with a friend last Friday night. I am thankful that he called back at the precise moment that he did. I really needed to hear the voice of someone I believe knows me, who […]

Letters to God, Day 4

Dear Abba, Today I awoke from an image of a sunrise morning like one after a storm breaks–pale yellow and gray watercolor sky with tufts of fluffy gray clouds floating apart. It was a hopeful picture and inwardly I sort of gasped in relief.  Relief. Storms have raged, Abba–and they’ve looked all sorts of ways […]

Letters to God, Day 3

Dear Abba, I am thinking too much today about all the wrong directions and forks I’ve traveled, and all the redirection I did not recognize or heed. I think I awoke from another dream that left me with a sense of poignant imagery but of which I was unable to recollect. Then I rushed out […]