Letters to God, Day 1

Dear Abba,

I am so thankful for Your Holy Spirit who You gave to me in Christ Jesus. He is my Comforter and Teacher, and I have need, Abba—most certainly, I have need for both comfort and instruction.

Today, while the rain came down outside and filled the day with the quietness of indoor activities, I worked on digital photography. I converted several images from a recent wedding reception to black and white. I was reminded of how much I enjoyed using high contrast black and white film and decided to photograph the entirety of this winter in black and white. I will call the album of these photographs—A Black and White Winter.

Stark contrast.

I am thinking more often these days of the stark contrast I continue to experience as I adventure in Christ through the day to day and in relational depths with You in Him. I wrote to a new friend recently, discussing some of the starkness I have come to recognize.

So often I hear family in Christ alluding to a gray area in our new life, but there is no gray. There is life and death. There is good and evil. There is hot and cold. There is love and hate. There is light and darkness. I believe we have confused spiritual immaturity for a gray area. We are to continue increasing in our knowledge of You and of Jesus, growing together to maturity. You do not intend, neither will, that any of Your adopted sons and daughters lack for anything—not wisdom, not understanding, not revelation of YOU and YOUR ways.

Abba, I am thankful that You never leave me nor forsake me. I am thankful for Knowing You and hearing Your voice. In Christ, I belong to You and I am one with You.

The other night I was singing a new song about going to the rivers of Your living waters, being held under and pulled back up again—baptized, made whole and new. I also sang about not having expected it to be so hard to give up the ways that were killing me. But, how thankful I am to put on the new creature that I am in Christ, and for every moment that a vapor of old thinking is dispelled by Your powerful truth.

Stark contrast.

There is truth and lies. There are the ways of the world which lead to sin and death and there are Your ways, Abba, which lead to healing and eternal life.

Thank You for convincing me that Your ways, choosing Your ways, is always the very best choice—and that Your ways have always been Your will for human creation. I love You because You first loved me, Abba.

Your joyful daughter,




  1. I tried to leave a comment but it is asking for a password. I am concerned if I change the password, I am inadvertantly changing one I don’t know what it is connected to. Does that make sense lol? Anyway, I loved your post. My comment was a quote from our brother Cecil Paxton. ” If we do things God’s way, we’ll get His results.” I believe those gray areas Christians are talking about is a misunderstanding of the ways of God bring His results. They continue to get their results and think, hmmm, God must be trying to teach me something by withholding good. 

    1. Welcome aboard, deepwatersailing! I am so excited to see the launch of your blog!!!

      I am not sure if the connection to a password request is in being a WP blogger now and trying to leave a comment on another WP blog. Hmm…I do understand your concern, lol. Too many passwords!

      Thank you for reading and commenting. I love the quote by Paxton and agree with your thoughts on the misunderstanding about gray areas.

      I am also talking about, and more particularly, the idea of “gray areas” in Christian culture that pertain to godly living and thinking. For instance, a believer saying, “Well, the occult isn’t a problem for me anymore so I can expose my thought life to it and get into the culture of it in these little ways because I am not really practicing–and besides Hogwarts isn’t real anyway. If it’s a problem for another believer, I guess that’s just a gray area.”

      What does God say about godliness and our thinking and what is edifying and what/who to magnify and glorify? And, if we aren’t asking these questions, why not? Why wouldn’t we “want” to ask these questions?

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