Letters to God, Day 3

Dear Abba,

I am thinking too much today about all the wrong directions and forks I’ve traveled, and all the redirection I did not recognize or heed. I think I awoke from another dream that left me with a sense of poignant imagery but of which I was unable to recollect. Then I rushed out the door in that preoccupied sort of way that does not lend immediately to talking to You about the dream. 

What did You say, Abba? What were You talking about in that dream? What was from the Spirit and what was merely asides of the soul? What the blazes did I dream about? Why does it linger still?

A couple of weeks ago the Holy Spirit brought to my remembrance a poem I had written based on a dream. I thought that I had received all the interpretation but HS peeled back another layer. I saw with Your eyes that the little girl in the dream with me was my inner child–the one that You see, Abba. It was lovely to receive another, deeper layer of interpretation. We ran so freely and joyfully and enthusiastically and worshipful through the wheat grass. I am seeing the imagery now and it makes me smile. Thank You, Abba.

Restoration. Healing. 

I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, and I am healed by the stripes of my Savior King. I am pure and holy in Him. 

Umm, sort of humurously though, I was so distracted this morning that I forgot to drink in remembrance of Jesus’ shed blood during communion. HS, with gentleness, reminded me and said, “Remember, this isn’t a chore. Be still. Remember. Be glad.”

I do not think I will ever cease to thank You for Your Holy Spirit while I am here in this earthen vessel, Abba. I love Him. I just love Him so much!

The day is quiet and the evening even quieter. I feel like making something that makes me think of You, Abba. Even though I know I’ve let my mind wander too long in the backward way of memories, I am experiencing Your gentleness and patience.

You are wonderful–the most wonderful Abba in all of creation!

Your joyful daughter, 

Abba, do You dream of us?


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