Letters to God, Day 4

Dear Abba,

Today I awoke from an image of a sunrise morning like one after a storm breaks–pale yellow and gray watercolor sky with tufts of fluffy gray clouds floating apart. It was a hopeful picture and inwardly I sort of gasped in relief. 


Storms have raged, Abba–and they’ve looked all sorts of ways for so many of us around the world. They’ve wreaked havoc in our lives. We are in the aftermath of them. Some of us are right in the middle of them. And, others are fleeing from them–scrambling about to find shelter. We end up like the disciples on the boat with Jesus, afraid and yelling at Him, “Don’t You care?” 

I want to be more like Jesus, Abba, unafraid on the boat in the middle of a raging storm. So unafraid, in fact, that He was sleeping. I want to be like Jesus who spoke right to that storm, Abba, and silenced it–and I believe You want us to exercise His kind of authority even more than we do. I praise You for it too, Abba!

Tonight, one beloved friend in particular is hurting and needs Your relief. I prayed and You spoke to me one word for her–one simple petition. You told me to pray Ephesians 3:14-21. And I did, but I had to resist saying to You, “Is that enough?”

O, Abba, yes, Your love is more than enough–even if the hurt and stress and fright and sorrow and discouragement of any given circumstance has us feeling temporarily like Your love is not enough. Your love is everything!

Thank You for relieving us with Your love for us, for a deeper comprehension of Your enormous love for us. You are the Knower of our hearts. You know what we need at the precise moment our needs arise–before even. The deeper we sink into Your love for us the more intimately and clearly we hear the petitions You whisper into our hearts; and, the more readily we receive our confidence in Christ to come boldly to Your throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace in our times of need. Your grace is sufficient.


We haven’t got it altogether in these earthen vessels. If we did have it altogether, we wouldn’t need You. When we find ourselves trekking through the day like we do have it altogether, and we don’t need You, that’s when it hits us how much we need You. You have provided for us perfectly, Abba–provided all that You are and all that You have in Jesus. We are Christ-sufficient. 

Thank You for always being patient and unconditionally loving, Abba; and, for stretching forth Your hand to us immediately when we start to sink with doubt or when we cry out to You in fear or when we ask You to help our unbelief. Thank You for caring about us. 

I believe, Abba! Help my unbelief. Thank You that You will–You will help my unbelief. 

Your joyful daughter, 



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