Letters to God, Day 6

Dear Abba,

The week has yet to break into sunshine and blue sky for longer than a few hours, if that–but I do not mind. The diffused lighting of overcast days is pretty.

My beloved friend is receiving Your relief, Your encouragement and peace, and is thinking positively about upcoming changes. We love You and are thankful that You are helping us to receive deeper understanding about Your trustworthiness, Abba.

I received my certificate of completion for the healing course by Barry Bennett and today I am reading another chapter in Ellis’ book, The Gospel in Twenty Questions (question #13, Is It God’s Will for Me to Be Sick?). I think it’s pretty rad how a few little alignments are taking place this week, like the chapters I am reading from this book and conversations I am experiencing with You beforehand.

Revelation of Your healing nature and Your will for us to experience healing now is one I still pursue. Exercising the gifts of healings, experiencing this spiritual gift, is important to us today, Abba, and it seems the importance is different than it has been throughout church history thus far. 

But, why?

When I get a glimpse of humankind collectively at this time we appear tired, haggardly, and dehydrated in a different way–but I haven’t words for the precise difference only the sense of it. This sense is something like what Bennett brought to light–how we adjust to circumstances that are less than who we are in Christ and what God intends for humankind as a whole. 

Collectively, I see us adjusting more and more to a defeatist attitude, to a way of life that is in opposition to who You are. It’s like we are shrugging frail shoulders as we sigh and say, “Well, it is what it is.”

I cannot help but think that there is a correlation with this picture and the church’s desire to understand Your healing nature more deeply, and Your will to heal. 

Taking the free offer from Charis Bible College for this course stoked the embers in my heart  and rekindled the fire within me. But, my godly enthusiasm and passion had started to grow a little cold in me, Abba, and I find it’s still a bit slow to catch ablaze. Still, my heart is willing–there is definitely that, a willing heart.

Thank You for a willing heart like Jesus, Abba. Thank You that we can come to Jesus burdened and heavy laden and find rest.

Your joyful daughter,



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