Monthly Archives: January 2016

Where Books Live

Some of my favorite municipal buildings are libraries.  I was pretty young when I got my first library card. It was likely entertained by my mother as a way to keep us girls busy while she took care of our baby sister. But, even if my mother’s encouragement to read was a bit disingenuous, I […]


In our day the thought of life after death has been diluted. Hollywood has given us zombies, the living dead, vampires, reincarnation, ghost whisperers, mediums who speak with the dead, etc.  –Barry Bennett Following the link provided, Charis Bible College teacher Barry Bennett explores the question:  What did the early church preach? Check out […]

Covenant, Old and New

For the Law was given through Moses; grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ. –John 1:17 (NASB) I was watching a broadcast of a teaching of the Word this morning and this verse really caught my attention.  It’s a verse that reveals to us that a change happened, a really big change. This change […]

A New Year

I had this seemingly small victory happen last night about thirty minutes before the new year clocked in. My neighbors had started setting off fireworks. I was inside writing in my journal—no view of the night sky from where I sat—and reflecting on the year. There I was, nearly penniless and unemployed, but inwardly canons […]