Covenant, Old and New

For the Law was given through Moses; grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ.

–John 1:17 (NASB)

I was watching a broadcast of a teaching of the Word this morning and this verse really caught my attention. 

It’s a verse that reveals to us that a change happened, a really big change. This change was so big it altered covenant with the LORD God and it had everything to do with Jesus Christ–everything.

Covenant with the LORD God.

Let the profundity of humankind having a covenant with God, Creator of all creation, sink in through the pores of your skin.  

Then, let the build up to John 1:29 get right into the marrow of your bones, into your soul, and singing praise and thanksgiving with your spirit.

Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world (John 1:29)!

I cannot say I know exactly what John the Baptist felt when he realized that the man walking towards him was the Lamb of God, but the moment I received that knowing in me about Jesus being our Savior, my Savior, I wept and wept and wept–like the kind of weeping that makes you feel light.

I realized that Jesus really is Truth and He wrapped me up in a blanket of grace. 

I changed from something old and mixed and right into something new.

Do you believe that Jesus Christ is the new covenant we are in with our Abba Father? Do you believe change has everything to do with who Jesus is? Do you believe that He has really taken away our sins, the sins of the world? 



  1. Reblogged this on Jeffrey H. King's Blog and commented:
    You know, I just love listening to someone who REALLY gets it with God. They live their life, and one day BAM!! It hits her, and she really connects to God.

    I grew up in a Christian household and have gone to church since before memory. I went to a parochial grade school. I’ve wandered and returned, but God has always been part of my life. I’ve never had the epiphany of an unbeliever, because I’ve always believed. Maybe not always perfectly, maybe not always with mature understanding, but always.

    Sometimes I envy people like J.T.. They have this awakening, coming out of the dark. Yeah, that’s wrong. I’ve got my own blessings, but reading J.T. and others like her, well, that just does it for me. It’s like I can’t have the rich, chocolate brownie with drizzle and two scoops of ice cream. But I can watch her and others eat it, right?

    So here it is; that rich, wonderful, chocolate-like ecstasy (because chocolate IS one of the many ways God says “I love you”) for you to read for yourself.

    1. Praise God! Thank you for your encouraging words, hermano!

      I believe I received salvation young in life, but was not in a home or environment that led me to increase in the knowledge (the heart kind) of God and Jesus. I think it’s the case for way more folks than not too–like we’ve a hybrid today of folks who are like both sons in the parable of the two sons. I believe this is because of what we (the church) have taught for so long, which is a mixed covenant teaching.

      There is a lot I want to comment but I’ll just try to condense to this:

      I need Jesus. Jesus is the exact reflection of our Abba Father. God is good and God is love. We are new creatures in Christ, adopted sons and daughters. My true identity and nature is in Jesus and who He IS. Jesus defeated our enemy and made a public show of him, which is fierce! I AM FREE. I AM UNCONDITIONALLY LOVED AND FORGIVEN. Jesus is MY EVERYTHING. AND I am continuing to experience deeper and deeper depths of the love of our God, for me and all people.

      May the dust of our Teacher be forever on our face. WOOOOO! Amen! I thank God for you, bro! I thank God.

      1. J.T.!! “May the dust of our Teacher…” I have never heard that before, but what a beautiful benediction! Thank you so much! Are you on Facebook, perhaps? I would like to be able to share with you things I have learned, but am not ready to blog about yet. I hope so. God bless!

      2. Some where along the way I heard someone speak about how the students of Rabbis would say this to each other. I was immediately reminded of Jesus and being His disciple and the dust being more like gold dust, like the glory of the Lord. The picture of us, from the inside out, being on the heels of Jesus, following after Him…so powerful! I have not used that picture with anyone in awhile and it seemed fitting with you.

        I’ve read several of your posts and the language you use to express the eternal truth we have in Christ is very familiar to me. I also call deeper meditations of the Word “digs”–“word digs.” It’s like being on an archeological dig with the Holy Spirit and exploring those depths of our Abba’s love. Or hiking and exploring different trails, experiencing glory to glory.

        I am on Facebook and thought to search you out there too, but haven’t done so yet.

        You can find me as Julisa Hendrix. I found your page and just now liked it.

        Blessings to ye!

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