Monthly Archives: February 2016

Purposefully Use Your Faith?

Note from the Editor: the following was written by Amanda Henderson and was originally published on her Facebook page. Any editing to the original content was done with permission and to fit the format of Land. Amanda is a graduate of Charis Bible College Atlanta 2009. To find out more about Amanda, her heart for […]

New Look, Maybe?

The hunt is still on for the best theme for Land, folks! We hope to have contributors in creative writing (poetry/short stories), essays, art, and photography in the next couple of months so we’d love your feedback on this new look — Origin theme. Or, if you have any theme suggestions for us, we will […]

Living in the Country

   Living in the country, I experience these moments of awe towards God and all that He has created.  Maybe it’s in the colors of a sunrise or sunset. Maybe in the way a tree bends or in the way the sun glints off the surface of a river.  I shot this photograph late one […]

Love, The Banner Over Me

While Valentine’s Day has no biblical significance, I find myself thinking of Jesus and His love for the Church, for me.  I am not interested in the hyped up Hallmark Channel fussiness of the holiday. There is something too off center about that representation of love — romantic love especially. However, when I meditate on God the […]