Living in the Country

Living in the country, I experience these moments of awe towards God and all that He has created. 

Maybe it’s in the colors of a sunrise or sunset. Maybe in the way a tree bends or in the way the sun glints off the surface of a river. 

I shot this photograph late one afternoon. 

I pulled into my sister’s dirt drive and parked after seeing cattle grazing in the field across from her driveway. 

My mother was in the car with me and I was scrambling out of the car with my phone as she asked, “What are you doing?”

“There is a photo I have to take, ” I said hurriedly.

I know it wasn’t sufficient explanation for her, but to folks who enjoy photography — I think you understand what I mean.

There are moments photographers see before the camera is even in our hands physically. This actually wasn’t the precise moment I saw when I turned onto the dirt road, but I think I love it more.

I had to position myself on a bit of a bank and they could hear me rustling around in the fallen leaves. I tried not to laugh at startling them but I had to look a bit crazy — creeping up from between the brush and trees and barbed wire and holding my phone out in front of me as I told them I was a friend of Jesus.

There were actually more than the three pictured but most went over the hill with a quickness when they heard me crunching and sliding on the bank. 

The one staring at me held his ground and sized me up, fighting back the fear. I thanked him after snapping a few and then he relaxed and cautiously went back to grazing. 

I find cattle to be some of the most comical creatures. Freaked out in one moment and then chill and eating in the next. I enjoy them greatly. 

Do you have a funny story behind a nature shot you’ve taken? Do you enjoy taking photographs of nature or wildlife? 

Photo Editing: Noir B/W (in iPhone); Cropped, Auto Contrast, Jean Filter, Film border (in Pxlr App)



  1. That cow’s wondering what you’re up to as well.

  2. you are very fortunate to live in the country

    1. I am not sure what happened to my first reply, but I guess it didn’t take — for whatever reason.

      MSB, circumstances get me thinking otherwise at times, to be transparent. But, moments like these and others akin get me focusing back on God our Father and Jesus Christ with thankfulness.

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