New Look, Maybe?

The hunt is still on for the best theme for Land, folks!

We hope to have contributors in creative writing (poetry/short stories), essays, art, and photography in the next couple of months so we’d love your feedback on this new look — Origin theme.

Or, if you have any theme suggestions for us, we will gladly read them.

Blessings abundant to you all!


Many thanks,

Julisa Hendrix




  1. Picking a WordPress theme was a bit of a challenge at first but I’ve stuck with mine for a while. There are so many good free choices but if you want to pay, SO many options!
    I’m on a free template and found that I can’t use the widgets that WordPress has for cool stuff.
    If you have the time to devote to designing your theme, there’s a lot you can do!

    1. This is our third theme and a free template is what we are able to do for now.

      I am acting as editor-in-chief and trying to learn basic logistics like coding, lol, and keep posts coming.

      This theme, according to details, sounds like it’s going to work for us. I just have to learn how to do it. Haha!

      Given our content so far, and what we plan on introducing by way of contributors, what do you think of the appearance of this theme for us, Tiffany?

      1. I have not seen your theme on a proper computer, only on my phone, but it looks good. I hardly log on to the actual laptop when I’m off work because I’m online all day at work.

        I love free templates. There are so many options you can do for free without having to worry about knowing code. I would like to see the SEO optimization widget for free but that’s one of the cool things you don’t get unless you pay.
        I subscribe to a Digital Nomad group for people who travel the world and work online from anywhere, and there are always techie WordPress coding jobs available. There’s so much to know!
        I’ll stick to my free template and just hope I don’t run out of space with the pictures.

        Your content is great. I’m looking forward to seeing the writers as you bring more on.

      2. I am usually accessing internet via my phone until I get to a wi-fi spot and then I switch to laptop.

        I am brushing up on the 101, however. Because, for instance, what the bloody blazes is a SEO optimization widget, Tiffany? LOL!

        I actually want to finish up an AAS in CIS (Concentrating in Web Design). I’ve the aptitude and interest — like learning another new language.

        I want us to stick with free for now and use this time as hands on learning experience. Tinker here and there until I feel I am getting the flow. I like to do a little preliminary research but find if I research for too long, and don’t jump in, then I will circle forever. It’s kind of what I did about blogging, but the Holy Spirit stayed on me encouragingly. Then Donya wanted to partner and her shared vision was even more encouragement.

        I look forward to you reading from Donya’s perspective. And, thank you for the encouragement. I am excited to bring in more writers and creative content, and I’d love for you to consider contributing too!

      3. I’m also usually online by phone because I spend all day in front of a laptop at work. I’m not a math person and my job is like a never ending math word problem so when I get home, compute off until the weekend.

        SEO is this tricky but fabulous thing that makes you come up higher in search engines. Probably the only way I come up is if somebody, also known as nobody ever, searches for the word Chiron. But with a cool WordPress widget on the paid templates, there’s some mysterious computer magic that gets you good search results. I’ve read that it changes often and it’s complex so the idea of a little WordPress thing sounds good to me.

        The AAS sounds cool. It would be great to have a job where you can be creative! Do you work in design now?

        I feel the same way about spinning in circles without hands on. I have had good luck googling WordPress things at the time I need to do them and doing it right away over trying to absorb more than I’m actually doing with the site.

      4. Here’s an article my sister sent me. You might find it helpful Land in some ways. If I could only put it into use for mine!

      5. Your sister’s article was actually very helpful. Thank you! I believe we can both put it into use. I think we just have to see the map.

  2. Hello, let’s continue over email and get off the blogs. Please send me a note at

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