Starting at the Finish Line

Editor’s note: The following was edited with permission to fit the format of Land and was originally published on Amanda Henderson’s Facebook page. Visit her websiteFreely Forgiven Forever, to read more from Amanda about the goodness and love of God.

“On your mark! Get set—You’re DONE!” Lol!

That’s right – the gospel message is that Jesus has placed everyone successfully at the finish line in Him (Rom 8:29-30)!

Knowing that you have a heavenly Father who cares about everything that concerns you and freely pours out every good thing upon you simply because of Jesus’ finished Work on the Cross is what will cause you to sigh with relief and contentment.

That sense of satisfaction or wholeness is a result of the faith-in-God that just appears in your heart when the good news of Christ is heard (Rom 10:17).

When you believe you have been placed by God in right-standing forever through Christ (Rom 3:24), you will experience peace with God (Rom 5:1), knowing that God promises never to be angry with you again (Isa 54:9-10).

This wonderful, peaceful state of mind that is a result of correctly believing only in the gospel (Isa 26:3) is what is called entering His Rest (Heb 4:3).

With all the many constrictions, information, and laws that people normally deal with day-by-day in the world, it takes effort to keep our thoughts fixed on the fact that our relationship with our heavenly Father is based on a totally different foundation (Eph 2:20 – who is Jesus).

That’s why in Hebrews it tells us to labor to enter His rest (Heb 4:11).

His rest is simply knowing that Jesus has finished all the work necessary for us to be continuously in a righteous position to receive all His salvation benefits freely (John 19:30).

Therefore, it takes time and energy to meditate on the gospel to keep ourselves convinced and fully assured that God does not require us to perform spiritual gymnastics in order to have a relationship with Him and to receive from Him.

Actually, trusting in our good behavior frustrates and resists the Holy Spirit’s ministry, which is to remind us of what Jesus has accomplished and provided for us, which majorly includes the gift of righteousness, Who is literally Jesus (John 15:26, 1 Cor 1:30).

For example, even though in the workplace a supervisor won’t normally promote someone if they come late to work regularly, or do poor work, remember that our Father in heaven doesn’t withhold His blessings from us because of what we do or don’t do.

That’s called living under the law, which is quite a contrast from the kingdom of God that Christians live under (Rom 6:14).

According to the New Covenant, we have an entirely different Way by which we have a relationship with God – it’s called grace, which is in fact Jesus Christ (John 1:17).

Grace is in essence God’s unearned generous favor toward everyone (2 Cor 2:8:9).

In other words, there’s no amount of good behavior that a person can do to earn a better position with God (there’s no such thing as “brownie points” with God).

His abundant favor is freely given!

Through Jesus’ eyes, everyone in the whole world therefore is His FAVORite.

This is the glory of the gospel – it’s a rich message of how God sees everyone with high regard and honor – simply because of what our Savior Jesus did.

Jesus did the work necessary to rescue us from sin, the curse of the Law, and being totally deficient in every way by taking our place on the Cross. In exchange He shares His glory with us.

Because of His work alone, He has placed us at the finish line with Him (Rom 8:17)!

When we trust in this essence of the gospel, we’re then remaining in His rest (Heb 4:10).

Rom 8:29-30Rom 10:17Rom 3:24 ; Rom 5:1Isa 54:9-10Isa 26:3Heb 4:3Eph 2:20Heb 4:11; John 19:30; John 15:261 Cor 1:30Rom 6:14John 1:172 Cor 8:9Rom 8:17Heb 4:10


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