Bright Light in Dark Depths

There are seasons when we respond

to the One who loves us by

walking effortlessly onto the water.


There are seasons we find

ourselves treading water,

unable to break concentration

in staying afloat.


Then there are the seasons of

disquieting static and

turbulence beneath

the pressure of

maverick-like waves.

The waves settle, a wall of

water remains.

The light is dim and the surface

a distant thought.

From somewhere deep within,

a voice calls.

The sound of footsteps on the water

echo and a hand stretches forth

with immediacy.

The light becomes brighter

and the pressure lifts.


There is Light and Peace that

encapsulates us even when we

are caught beneath the water.

A still small voice calls us out from

seemingly hopeless depths where limbs

are limp from the weight of the waves,

from dark depths that

atrophy our hearts with fear,

and back onto the water

where He holds us close against

His chest, onto the surface

where there is air to breathe

and the sound of His

beating heart.


A still small voice whispers lovingly,

“O you of little faith,

where did you doubt?”


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