The other day I reached this point inwardly that was something akin to a pressure cooker.

I still experience moments, as good and willing as I know Abba to be towards me, in which I find I’ve shoved down a tonne of cares instead of casting them on Jesus.

When I get like this, it’s almost a desperate scramble to just get quiet.

If only everything would just slow down and be still—and if only I had a mute button for certain voices in my life.

Anyone else ever feel this way? Sensory overload. 

I finally made that quiet moment happen and got still with Abba, praying in the spirit. And. In that moment, all the other voices not His fell away like dead flies and I was able to hear Him.

A gentle whisper. A deep comfort like a good hug.

He reminded me to wash in the Word.

It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing; the words that I have spoken to you are spirit and are life—John 6:63, NASB

We can’t just wait for our schedules to clear up time for quiet moments. Sometimes we’ve got to just be diligent to make time for being quiet with God.

He is a good Daddy God to show us why we are holding on to cares—and when we still are.

He is a good Daddy God to remind us that His voice alone is the voice we follow and that what He speaks is spirit and life.

Be still, or quiet, and know that He is God. He speaks spirit and life and He loves us everlastingly.

Mondo love, beloveds.



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