You Are a Ruler

One of the worst lies taught to the Church is that we are subject to just bear with whatever life throws at us.

This mentality is based upon the teaching that only God is all powerful. Which is an incomplete truth (otherwise known as a lie). 

Yes, God is all powerful. 


He has also equally shared His authority and power with the Church (Lk 10:19, Heb 2:8). 

He told us to go and do the same works He did, and even greater works too (John 14:12-14)! There is no way for us to do this if He hasn’t given us the same authority and power that He has. 

Now, please don’t misunderstand.  It’s not being said here that we are God–of course not. 

However, God is our Father just as much as He is Jesus’ Father, and by definition that places us on equal footing with Him (John 5:18).

Yes. It’s true. 

We have been highly honored by our heavenly Father with the same qualities Jesus has (John 17:22). This is one reason the Pharisees were so jealous of Jesus and planned to kill Him. 

The Pharisees challenged Jesus about His authority many times, and Jesus pointed out to them the scripture that says God has made us gods (John 10:33-34).

In other words, in Christ we are rulers in this world, which is what God originally intended at creation when He created Adam and Eve to have dominion over His creation (Gen 1:26). 

Therefore, all those movies that dramatize dinosaurs or gorillas or any other animal terrorizing people is definitely not how it was at the beginning. 

The situation was the complete opposite–man had authority over “every creeping thing.” 

How else do you think Noah got all those animals into the Ark (Gen 7)?

This truth about our recovered dominion is a sore subject for our enemy. The truth has backed him into a corner, and he must admit that he was utterly defeated at the Cross (Phil 2:10, Col 2:15, Jam 4:7). 

We have the authority to judge the enemy (1 Cor 6:2-3) and cast him out of every place he unlawfully tries to get a foothold with his lies (such as sickness, lack, destruction, death, family division and strife, etc–every form of death, basically). 

The Bible says that it’s the Church that restrains the enemy until we are caught up in the air to be with the Lord forevermore (2 Thes 2:7). 

Praise God for this honor He has bestowed upon us to enforce His victory and see many good things come to pass that will glorify His good name (Eph 2:10)!

Lk 10:19 TEV; Heb 2:8 NLTJohn 14:12-14 NKJVJohn 5:18 ESVJohn 17:22 MSG; John 10:33-34 NKJVGen 1:26 KJVPhil 2:10 NKJVCol 2:15 GW; Jam 4:7 NKJV1 Cor 6:2-3 ESV2 Thes 2:7 NCVEph 2:10 AMP

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