In the Embrace of the King

Dusty pink clouds move past Your lips,

floating onto Your fading blue sky. I

see You, standing in the orange gold

light of the setting sun.


You laugh joyfully,

throwing Your head back.


You look at me, holding me intently

in Your gaze, and begin to speak—

softly, gently.


Your eyes close, or maybe

my eyes close—a pulsating peace

enveloping me from head to toe.


Then, I am in Your arms,

my head against Your chest, which

rises and falls like the ebb and flow

of the ocean.


Your love is my ocean.


I hear the sound of Your song over me—

a heavenly reverie echoing sweetly,

a song of Your desire towards me.


Visions of Your banqueting table,

streets lined with people in white robes,

waving palm leaves high over their heads.


We dance and laugh joyfully in a shower

of flower petals falling from

a bright blue sky.


I see You, standing in the golden light

and holding me in Your gaze.


Your lips move without sound.


Yet and still.


I hear Your words spiral

into my heart, “You are Mine

and I am yours.”


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