Built to Stand

Bring in the clothes

from off of the line.

I think this storm

is here for a time.


You have laid the foundation

for to build me a house

on the rock that is

found on higher ground.


Won’t be no water

to swell this wood.

Won’t be no fire

to burn her down.

Won’t be no winds

to tear her away.


Lord, you have built

me a house

that will withstand

the day.


When the dust blows up

through the holes in the floor.

When the wind cries

through the cracks in the door.

When the glass in the frames

rattle and shake,

I shall, I shall,

I shall not be moved.


Ain’t no water

gonna swell this wood.

Ain’t no fire

gonna burn her down.

Ain’t no winds

gonna tear her away.


You have built

me a house, Lord,

to withstand

the day.


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