Monthly Archives: August 2016

Made by God

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”–Psalm 139:14 Advertisements

Taking Toll

Night hangs like heavy fabric—too heavy to be comfortable.   And.   This night is taking toll of my thoughts. If it collects like this from others, it will surely bankrupt the day.   I wish you weren’t so expensive.

You Are His Jewel

What do you usually do with priceless treasures? Do you grind them up and use them as gravel for your driveway? Noooo! Usually precious jewels are placed up high and out-of-reach, safe from getting dirty, and are never used for common purposes. Additionally, most people get insurance for them too, right? Well, you are a […]

Light and Shadow

I am writing to speak all the things I could not utter when you stood before me, holding the air that I breathe.   I quivered.   Then.   Like an arrow— I shot out high above you, aflame.   But.   You did not see me for all the time you spent with your […]

A Lotta Good and Some Ugly Too

I’ve unintentionally taken a month long hiatus from writing. Its generally my tell—an indication that I am getting caught up or entangled in moments without allowing myself time to reflect. So. I am slowing myself down. Getting still within and remembering that Abba Father is God. Remembering that Jesus is the lover of my soul. […]

Moonlight and Snow

At the edge of a wood, on a cliff overlooking the swells of icy cold waters, he stood with shoulders hunched.   He stood in the moonlight and snow, his heart weeping– though few would know it.   Cold gales from off the sea circled around him like whispering phantoms.   Cracking. A heart thirsting. […]