Monthly Archives: October 2016

Awkward Heart

If I had practiced my walk with more diligence and perseverance, I would have glided right past you—completely unaware.   O, my clumsy heart. Advertisements

Ruined Flavor

I ought to beware standing too close to these pillars of salt—   bodies half turned towards the peering on of what is better left behind—   that line this road into tomorrow.   My skin, porous. These grains of salt, so small.   And.   These winds, whipping around and between us.

The Stars in His Lies

With your leg draped over my body and my head nestled into one of the divots of you that perfectly suited me, we lay embraced and enveloped by one another under neon tinted stars– and it seemed like a moment we were meant to have.   Until.   The moment passed.   And.   Your […]

A Dream of the Barren

She is a sweet dream caught in a net as if she was a monstrous nightmare. What bough broke and dropped her from the heights of glory? She is a sweet dream, built by misunderstood prayer and words on paper and the distance of mirage. Ten fingers and tens toes that will never grow.   […]

Love in Adolescence

You fall standing up with your eyes closed. Twenty year old memories. A cold night. The side of your father’s house? A journal. Your words. Moonlight. A kiss. Laughter. Your arms around me. Your shoulders under layers of fabric— a t-shirt, a flannel, a jacket.   No recess.   Let’s hold each other up again […]

His Mire

You stained the time line of my heart with your grief ridden tears and desperate drunken pleas. I was just a place for you to sit and weep inconsolably and beat with all the harsh words you had stored in your taste buds. You were a rabid hungry little thing—blinded by madness. But. I give […]