Dear Readers, It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter and with difficulty that I find the words. My beloved friend and sister and blog partner in Christ is going through one of the most difficult moments of her life right now. A few weeks ago, on his way home from work […]

2017. A new year. I thought I’d be more uplifted about a new year. But. The year rolled in and I found that there was a sort of despondency in my flesh. It felt like slivers of glass I discovered were lodged into my skin because something brushed against them—an uncomfortable and jarring sensation. Over […]

It doesn’t work— all the happy you told me that you loved so much about me.   It doesn’t work.   It stopped working the moment you ducked down and out— the ropes of the ring brushing against your bare back.   You lent your ear to whispered defeat before the bell could even ring. […]

They cover the ground in fields and yards, pecking beneath fallen leaves. They take flight and pepper the sky— drawing themselves in close abreast and then expanding like the bellows of an accordion.   Searching and having discovered, they curve and bend along an unseen track of sky— listening to or speaking of some forgotten […]

The line of you and of me, having merged  into us. By force.  By silence. By sight. By gesture. By breath. By words. By touch.

When the waves roll us back out onto dry land, do you think we will meet again?   Hours. Days. Weeks. Months.   They all turn into years.   And.   Years change us and how we love each other. Years change what we forget and what we remember.   I hope the years will […]

If I had practiced my walk with more diligence and perseverance, I would have glided right past you—completely unaware.   O, my clumsy heart.